EOD Historical Data API Client Wrapper (Financial and Stock Market API) for Laravel/PHP.

You can find the Wrapper on Github page: https://github.com/radicalloop/eodhistoricaldata.


  • Easy installation with Composer
  • No configuration required for Laravel >= 5.5+, It will use the auto-discovery function.
  • Easy to use

Stocks API Example

use Eod;

$stock = Eod::stock();

// JSON 

// Download CSV 
$stock->realTime('AAPL.US' ['s' => ['VTI','EUR','FX']])->download();

// Save CSV to specific path

// For other parameters, for ex. dividend api with other params
$stock->dividend('AAPL.US', ['from' => '2017-01-01'])->json();


Exchanges API Example

use Eod;

$exchange = Eod::exchange();

// JSON 

// Download CSV 

// Save CSV to specific path


You can find more on Github page: https://github.com/radicalloop/eodhistoricaldata.

Thanks to RadicalLoop for it!

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