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The Intraday Data API is available under ‘All World Extended’ and ‘All-In-One’ data packages. We support intraday historical data for major exchanges all around the world.

  • For US (NYSE and NASDAQ), Canada, and MOEX tickers. 1-minute intervals, including pre-market (premarket) and after-hours (afterhours) trading data from 2004, more than 15 years of the data. And 5-minute intervals from October 2020.
  • For other tickers. 5-minute intervals and only from October 2020.

The data is updated 2-3 hours after market closing. For the US market, only NYSE and NASDAQ tickers are supported.

To get intraday historical stock price data with use the following URL:

  • AAPL.US consists of two parts: {SYMBOL_NAME}.{EXCHANGE_ID}, then you can use, for example, AAPL.MX for Mexican Stock Exchange. or AAPL.US for NASDAQ. Check the list of supported exchanges to get more information about stock markets we do support.
  • api_token – your own API KEY, which you will get after you subscribe to our services.
  • interval – use ‘5m’ for 5-minutes intervals and ‘1m’ for 1-minute intervals.
  • fmt – use this parameter to get the data in a different format. Possible values are ‘json’ for JSON and ‘csv’ for CSV. By default, the data is provided in JSON format.
  • from and to – use these parameters to filter data by datetime. Parameters should be passed in UNIX time with UTC timezone, for example, these values are correct: “from=1564752900&to=1564753200” and correspond to ‘ 2019-08-02 13:35:00 ‘ and ‘ 2019-08-02 13:40:00 ‘. The maximum period between ‘from’ and ‘to’ is 100 days.

Register & Get Data

For testing purposes you can try the following API Key (works only for AAPL.US ticker):  OeAFFmMliFG5orCUuwAKQ8l4WWFQ67YX:


As a result, you will get the following data in CSV format:

We have API limits 100 000 requests per day per subscription. Each symbol request costs 1 API call.

Register & Get Data


  1. Yoni

    Are there any plans to provide intraday data on the day itself, hence not only historical? E.g., if you want to see the price evolution on the trading day.

    1. EOD Historical Data Support Article Author

      Hello, you mean 5-minute during the day? We hope it will be done this month already

  2. Fredrik

    For my own use case, hourly updates of intraday would be sufficient.
    5-minute resolution would of course be great, then I would just aggregate it.

  3. Pablo

    Hello. What is the format in which the data in the ‘Gmtoffset’ column comes when it does not have value 0 ? Is it number of hours ahead of UTC ?

    1. EOD Historical Data Support Article Author

      At the moment it’s always zero, the field is reserved since the time is always in GMT, but in case it’s not zero, this field indicates GMT offset in seconds.

    1. EOD Historical Data Support Article Author

      At the moment it’s possible only on the client side, thanks fo the suggestion, we will add additional filtering for 1-minute intraday data with pre-/post-market data.

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