Get Exchange Details and Trading Hours

To get details on each exchange you should use the following URL:

Please use the exchange code from the API endpoint above. With this API endpoint you will get detailed information about each exchange we do support, including:

  • Timezone – the timezone of exchange
  • isOpen – boolean value which indicates if exchange open right now or closed.
  • Trading hours and working days – open hours with working days for each exchange in the exchange timezone. This field could include also lunch hours if the exchange has it.
  • ActiveTickers – tickers with any activity for the past two months.
  • UpdatedTickers – tickers updated for the current day.

The example for the US exchange you can find below:

Market Holidays Data API

The second important part of the same API endpoint is Market Holidays Data.

Additional Parameters:

  • from – the format is ‘YYYY-MM-DD’. If you need data from Jan 5, 2017, to Feb 10, 2017, you should use from=2017-01-05. The default value is 6 months before the current date.
  • to – the format is ‘YYYY-MM-DD’. If you need data up to Feb 10, 2022, you should use to=2022-02-10. The default value is 6 months after the current date.

We provide market holiday data for all exchanges we support. And it’s easy to understand if the exchange is open or closed on a particular day.

Exchange holidays are provided 6 months back and 6 months forward. There are also two types of holidays: bank and official. In some countries, like the United Kingdom, there are bank holidays, but not official.

You can find the example of output below:

Do not forget to check our Exchanges API.


  1. Yoni De Mulder

    The market holiday API is returning incorrect information. For example, today (Nov 11th), the Euronext Brussels is open, while via your API it is marked as closed. Therefor, this API endpoint cannot be used reliably. Can you please fix this in the future? Thank you.

  2. Binit Kumar

    Hey, we are not getting holidays data for Bombay Stock Exchange through API. could you please tell us how I will get data for that?

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