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This API allows to easily download the data for the entire exchange for a particular day. It works for end-of-day historical data feed as well as for splits and dividends data. For US tickers you can also use NYSE, NASDAQ, BATS or AMEX as exchange symbols to get data only for NYSE or only for NASDAQ exchange.

With this entire stock market API endpoint, you need no perform thousands and thousands of API requests per day. It’s not necessary anymore. We developed bulk download API endpoint, and it’s easy to download historical data any day in bulk.

General bulk (batch) API for EOD, Splits, and Dividends

The following example returns end-of-day data for US stocks in bulk for a particular day:


The following example returns all splits for US stocks in bulk for a particular day:


The following example returns all dividends for US stocks in bulk for a particular day:


Additional parameters

By default, the data for last trading day will be downloaded, but if you need any specific date, add ‘date’ parameter to the URL, in the following example we used September 21, 2017:


To download last day data for several symbols, for example, for MSFT and AAPL, you can add the ‘symbols’ parameter. For non-US tickers, you should use the exchange code, for example, BMW.XETRA or SAP.F:


And, of course, we support JSON output for this API endpoint, to get it, add: “fmt=json”:

Bulk Download EOD Data JSON Output
Bulk Download EOD Data JSON Output for APPL and MSFT

Register & Get Data

If you need more data, like company name, you can use ‘&filter=extended’ and get an extended dataset, which includes company name, EMA 50 and EMA 200 and average volumes for 14, 50 and 200 days. The data is accessible in both CSV and JSON formats:


We have API limits 100 000 requests per day. Each symbol request costs 1 API call. For example, multiple tickers request with ten symbols costs 10 API calls; however entire exchange request costs 100 API calls.

Thanks! And please connect with us via support@eodhistoricaldata.com if you have further questions.